Included step by step courses:

• Become a professional streamer
• Make a living making YouTube gaming videos
• Learn how to make a professional gaming website
• Make thousands buying and selling vintage games
• Become a professional gamer and win gaming tournaments
• Become a sponsored gamer
• Become a video game tester (Training and job listings)
• Get paid by to play video games
• Learn how to sell game services (gold, leveling, accounts)


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Get paid to do what you love

We already love playing video games and put dozens of hours weekly into it, so why not get paid while doing it? There are hundreds of members already making money playing and testing video games and you are one step away from living your dream as well.


No Boss, No Offices or suits and definitely NO Schedule

You get to make all the decisions and choose your own hours. There are no limits to how much money you can make, or maybe you just want to make enough to pay your bills and have a lot of extra free time. The choice is yours here. You can make $500 to $10,000 or more per month, it’s up to you to decide how much you want to make and how much you want to work. By becoming a member of you get the freedom of working for yourself.

What You Get When Becoming A Member

Video Game Tester Jobs

  • Get access to our make money playing video games guides
  • Get access to video game tester training guides and hundreds of job listings
  • Get access to hundreds of helpful videos
  • Get access to hundreds of other methods to make money online
  • Get the Warcraft Billionaire Money Making Guide download
  • Updated constantly with the newest methods to make money from video games

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Our courses and guides teach people how to start a career with unlimited potential. We are the only place in the world where you will get step by step blueprint to achieve gaming as a career and we have spent the last 3 years researching and putting these courses together. If you think our membership fee is too expensive, then you probably wouldn’t take it seriously enough to make this a career anyways. The fee is a small one time payment for something that is going to be making you a living for as long as you are a gamer and is a fraction of the price compared to most careers courses and classes, but most importantly, you are pursuing something you love.