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Video Games Pay My Bills is a site that provides current and accurate methods to turning your gaming hobby into a career. Stop wasting your time second guessing your next step and get all the proven methods in one organized site.

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twitch streaming guide

Twitch Streaming Guide

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YouTuber Gaming Guide

YouTube Gaming Guide

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gaming youtuber guide

Create A Gaming Website/Blog

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gaming sponsorship

Gaming Sponsorship Guide

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Retro games guide

Buy/Sell Vintage Games Guide

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Video Game Tester Guide

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Automate Following & Viewer Growth

Half of becoming a paid gamer is marketing and increasing your following. This is VERY time consuimg and boring. At VGPMB, we set you up with the marketing secrets the top paid gamers use and programs to 100% automate your daily marketing tasks, so you can focus on what matters: GAMING. Imagine having multiple assistants working for you full time promoting your gaming videos, stream and social media accounts. That’s exactly what this is like!

Benefits of automated marketing

  • Start making money gaming 3x as fast!
  • Save 5+ hours per day
  • Get followers & viewers you never would have
  • Increase daily following by 100+/day
  • Get the best marketing tactics for gamers

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Self-Employed Gamer: 10 Days to Make Money Gaming

This step-by-step guide is packed with the best methods to start making money gaming at home. The earning potential for these methods are limitless and we give you everything you need to become a successful gamer as fast as possible. This 35 page guide is included with our year membership.

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