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About Us

VGPMB’s mission is to organize the information related toward gaming, marketing, and online presence to make it universally accessible and useful for users of any age.


Video Games Pay My Bills is a straight-forward website providing only the best information on gaming, website hosting, marketing, and social media management to set gamers on the path towards a new career. These guides are complete with step-by-step instructions that are detailed and easy to follow. We put a lot of time into creating only the most helpful guides in the most comprehensive way found online today.  


Our goals for this website are simple: we wanted to compile all of the strategies known to create successful gamers and assemble them into a comprehensive source. Everybody who enjoys video games dreams of being paid to do it – now all the information to do so is right at your fingertips.


What’s stopping you from living out your dreams?


Created in 2012, VGPMB now has 200 articles and counting, each with detailed instructions for every aspect of gaming for profits. There’s plenty more content planned for the future, including video tutorials and even more methods to make money playing your favorite games.

Tony MillerSite Admin
Tony spent his late teens and early 20’s making money gaming in various ways, but always wished he had the steps laid out, instead of wasting hundreds of hours trying different methods. Now 25, he has established VGPMB.com to help fellow gamers who are finding themselves in the same situation.
Victor RomoWriter / Support
Victor, a natural gamer since the SNES at age 3, has been obsessed with video games for nearly two decades. He now focuses his time on writing content for gaming-related websites.