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Who are we looking for?

  • Twitch.tv streamers

  • People making gaming videos for YouTube

  • Gaming related websites, blogs, forums

  • Gaming related social accounts with large followings
  • Large game related email lists
  • Anyone interested in making money gaming

Key Features of being an affiliate:

  • Make $50-100 Per Sale Depending on number of sales

  • Work with us 1 on 1 to increase your earnings

  • Get free marketing content – Banners, marketing material ect

  • 90 day cookie time – You will get credit for everyone you send us, even if they purchase 90 days after their first visit.

  • Affiliate tracking – View details such as how much traffic you are sending and how many sales.

The Best Video Game Affiliate Program

Video Games Pay My Bills offers people a way to make money playing their favorite video games. Join our affiliate program and get an amazing $50 commission on each person you send us. With high conversion rates, it is very easy to make a few hundred bucks a day with us. If you’re already an established gamer with a following, you could easily make a few thousand as soon as you start promoting.

Anyone can make money with our affiliate program, from noob to famous twitch streams. We have guides that will teach you how to get the most out of our affiliate program and increase sales. We teach you how to promote and get more viewers, which will also help you build your following.

Let’s take a look at your potential earnings.

If you were to send us just 10 sign ups in your first month, you would make $1,000 in just your first month! If you are a larger website or have a large following on Twitch or YouTube, you could easily send 20+ sign ups per month. The more sales you send, the more your commission per sale goes up as well.

If you are having trouble getting sales, contact us for guidance.

Increase commission per sale the more sales you get in any single month!

1-4 sales: $50 per signup
5+ sales: $75 per signup
10+ sales: $100 per signup
20+ sales: Contact us for special commissions

We want to see you succeed with our affiliate program and we are here to help you along the way. We will be in contact with you through email once you have signed up.

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Other features of our affiliate program:

90 day cookie time – You will receive commission on people you send up to 90 days after their first visit. This means that if a person were to just visit our website from your referral and not purchase, but come back within 90 days and do purchase, you will get commission.

Sales tracking – View details on all the traffic you send us and how many sales you are getting.

Monthly payments – We pay our affiliates on the 15th of every month for the previous month.

Included banners and ads – We supply you will banners, ads and emails for you to advertise us with!