Awesome Gaming Mouse for Only $5 January 2017 Deal

Best Gaming Mouse 2017 for only $5There is currently an amazing deal going on for an awesome gaming mouse. The mouse has 7 buttons and color changing LED light. A normal computer mouse costs over $10 average, so at only $5 for this gaming mouse, that’s a huge steal. I personally will be stocking up on a few of these mice.

Another great feature that I like about this gaming mouse, is that it’s wired. I like wired mice because you don’t have to worry about the mouse dying in the middle of a match or important part of a game. The wire is also protected with material that lasts longer than normal mice. Overall, this mouse is a total steal and you should stock up right now.

Mouse Features

● Ergonomic design fits your palm to the maximum extent, give best comfort and support of long time use for each day
● Buttons: 7 buttons with scroll wheel ( two side-buttons, one DPI button )
● Two side-buttons: Frontward and back buttons, you can free to move forward or back when you browse the pages and folders
● Adjustable DPI button: You can optionally adjust the sensitivity and resolution of the mouse according to your need
● Cool colorful LED light gives you a great visual effect
● Classic water flowing crack makes it more attractive

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