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buying and selling video games for profit

Remember those games you played as a child? Or perhaps that old gray box from grandma’s house 20 years ago? Those games you loved to play as a child are still valued today and highly marketable. Our guide gives you the tools needed to know where to find valuable games and how to sell your own.

If you have a large video game collection from your childhood sitting in your closet, you could be in possession of a highly-valued game. There is a large market for buyers looking for vintage video games. Some of them are harder to find than others, and so are worth more. Even games from the mid to late 90s are highly valued due to rarity. Consider becoming a redistributor of vintage video games in order to make a profit.

Our Buying and Selling Guides give you all the marketing techniques and strategies used by other successful video game sellers. This can become highly profitable if done properly. Our guides show you how to set up an online marketplace, find games for cheap, and resell your games or CD keys for a profit.

How much money can I make?

The possibilities in this field for reselling vintage games are promising. You can become quite wealthy if you happen to own an old game that is highly valued. If you aren’t so lucky to already own these games, our guides break down the best places to search for them. We also provide a complete list of games and their values categorized by console. It is a great reference to keep track of value changes within these markets.

There are people who have turned buying and selling vintage video games into a full time career.

Buy / Sell Vintage Video Games

vintage video game make money I. How Does it Work?

Without a business background, it may be a bit overwhelming to set up a transaction or an online market. This guide breaks down the procedure to follow when it comes to handling online transactions. Personal safety and the other party’s information should be treated responsibly. Instill confidence in every transaction to build a solid online reputation.

vintage video game make money II. Getting Started

Time to get selling, but first, what are you selling? This guide simplifies buying and selling vintage consoles, retro games, and other collectibles/accessories. Our guides separate the trash from treasure with the tools you need to earn some money through resales.

vintage video game make money III. How to Find Valuable Games Cheap

Finding that diamond in the rough is rare when it comes to vintage video game guides. But with the proper strategies, such as the ones listed in the guide, you can greatly increase your chances of having success. Learn the different ways to find video games that you can sell for profit.

vintage video game make money IV. Where to Sell Games for Profit

The sources for where you find your videos games vs. where you sell them will be separate (most likely). Online marketplaces to personal ads for local meetup, find out the best places to sell your video games for profit. This guide lists the best options for selling your games.

vintage video game make money V.  Selling Game CD-Keys and Codes

You can buy and sell games digitally, too. Our guide simplifies the steps to selling cd-keys and codes. There are more than a few options available and we’re here to show you the most viable for earning an income.

vintage video game make money VI. List of Valuable Vintage Games

This guide is a complete list of valuable games and their value on consoles: SNES, SEGA Genesis, Gamecube, Atari 2600, Game Boy Color, Playstation 1 & 2, NEO-GEO, XBOX, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 and more

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This Retro game reselling guide is aimed to help simplify the marketplaces and tactics used by other gamers to find and sell valuable games. As with any of the guides, persistence is key, and utilization of more than one technique will multiply your results.

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