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Making a Gaming Website

Creating a personal gaming website can a great asset to have. This is your collection of gaming videos, streams, and social media posts that display your accomplishments. With different marketing strategies designed for websites, this guide delivers the knowledge you’ll need for great website management.

Gaming Website Guide

video game website guide I. How it works

The different sources of income that are available to you once operating a website are seemingly endless. This guide instructs the different methods used for income generation and general maintenance of your website.

video game website guide II. Guide to setting up your gaming website

A complete step-by-step guide to setting up your own website in only 30 minutes time and even making your first post. This includes installing a video game theme, buying a domain name, and setting up your website hosting. 

video game website guide III. How to monetize your gaming website

Learn about the different ways to make money on your website and finding the best method for your site. This guide breaks down the financial side of running a website. Google Ads, Affiliate Links, proper Search Engine Optimization methods and more are included.

video game website guide IV. Promoting and Marketing Your Website

A list of great ways to drive traffic to your website. These guides explain the most contemporary marketing techniques to keep your audience and online presence rising. Implement as many of these techniques as possible to get the best results.

video game website guide V. Building a Regular Audience

Interaction directly with your audience through your website How to keep your visitors coming back for more and building an email list.

video game website guide VI. Other Benefits of a Website

Learn the many benefits to having your own gaming website and how to use them to increase your income overall.

 video game website guide VII. Getting Ranked in Google for More Traffic

A complete SEO guide to getting ranking in google and driving loads of targeted traffic to your website.

video game website guide VII. Create a Gaming Website

This guide breaks down the step by step process of creating your gaming website. Our streamlined guide is designed to be completed in 30 minutes or less.

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