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What games can I make money playing? 2016-07-22T06:18:53+00:00

Any game that is popular to stream or to make YouTube videos with are great games to get started with.

How do I download the free eBook? 2016-07-25T21:53:47+00:00

Our free eBook is available on our downloads page.

What is VGPMB? 2016-07-22T01:31:14+00:00

VGPMB is Video Games Pay My Bills.

What day is affiliate payout? 2016-07-22T01:08:42+00:00

The affiliate payout is currently around the 15th of every month for the previous month’s earnings.

Why haven’t I received my affiliate payment? 2016-07-22T01:08:55+00:00

There’s a $100 threshold you must reach before your Affiliate payouts can begin.

Where can I view my affiliate commissions? 2016-07-22T01:26:39+00:00

You can view your affiliate commissions by following this link after signing in.

How do I report a problem? 2016-07-22T01:10:14+00:00

You can report any issues to support for resolution.

What is the quickest way to make money gaming? 2016-07-22T01:11:32+00:00

The quickest methods available to start making money right away is through offering account services, selling vintage games/MMO Accounts, and through Affiliate marketing. We have guides covering each process in detail.

What is the best way to make money gaming? 2016-07-22T01:12:36+00:00

The best way to make money is to utilize all that we have to offer, this includes our 10 Day Guide to Make Money Gaming eBook and Paid Guides to maximize your strategy base. When following all of the guides available, success is nearly guaranteed. The only part missing is you.

How do I log into the forums? 2016-07-22T01:13:44+00:00

To log into the Forums, you must be have a paid membership.

How do I become an affiliate? 2016-07-22T01:14:09+00:00

Visit our Affiliates page, sign in and sign up. It’s that easy.

Is this a scam? 2016-07-22T01:14:19+00:00

No, this is not a scam. These strategies and methods have been tested true by many gaming and marketing professionals. There is no better collection for marketing and video games online.

How do I upgrade my account? 2016-07-22T01:24:21+00:00

You can upgrade your account at any time using our Membership sign up page.

How do I cancel a membership? 2016-07-22T01:17:03+00:00

Members can cancel their membership at any time with PayPal to stop recurring payment.

Where can I access downloads? 2016-07-22T01:17:15+00:00

All of our downloads are available on the Downloads page.

Are there any additional fees to getting started? 2016-07-22T01:17:45+00:00

There is only a one-time charge for initial membership, then a recurring monthly fee. Other than these two charges there are no other fees to getting started.

How do I download the free eBook? 2016-07-21T23:37:53+00:00

The free eBook is available on our Downloads page to anyone interested.

What are your payment options? 2016-07-22T01:19:07+00:00

Our payment processor is PayPal and will soon be accepting Bitcoin. Credit card payments can be made through PayPal without an account.

How do i cancel a membership? 2016-07-22T01:20:38+00:00

If you cannot access your account, please send an email for support in resolving this issue.

How much money can you make? 2016-07-22T01:21:20+00:00

There is no limit to what you can make using these techniques. Payouts range from a few hundred dollars a month to seven figures a year depending on the circumstances.

How does this work? 2016-07-22T01:22:59+00:00

VGPMB uses a combination of Online Gaming, YouTube/Twitch videos, social media marketing, with a gaming website to centralize all of the content. Through innovative marketing techniques, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and targeted audiences.

How soon will I make money gaming? 2016-11-18T02:17:29+00:00

Results vary from person to person but someone who follows our 10 Day Guide along with our Paid Membership Guides are expected to start making money within the first month. Some even seeing good results within the first 10 days.


Why is there a monthly fee? 2016-07-22T01:21:42+00:00

There is a monthly fee to cover future updates to guides, videos, and other techniques on our website.

What are your packages? 2016-07-22T01:21:56+00:00

We offer three packages:

Free Account: Includes limited access to our guides, eBook, and the Video Game Job Board.

Paid Membership: $97 sign up, $15 monthly subscription after the 1st month.

Lifetime Membership: $249 one time charge. No membership fees ever.