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Gamer Sponsorship Guide

Talent and obsession are the requirements for most successful gamers. These guides cover the details and decisions that come with being selected by and choosing your sponsors. Comprehension of this guide is required for a thorough understanding of what this path entails.

If you want to become a sponsored gamer, there’s no better time than now to do so. With the popularity of online gaming, streaming, and eSports on the rise, sponsors are looking for new faces and stories to promote their products. The benefits from this vary based on personal goals, but the average sponsored gamer sees rewards ranging from cash payouts, free hardware, merchandise, and other great benefits.

Our guide gives you the tools required to creating a popular Twitch stream, YouTube Channel, and gaming website all to get you noticed by top gaming brands. These methods have been proven true by other gamers and will work for you.

It isn’t rare to see great earnings based on sponsorships, some totaling in the thousands of dollars per month.

What are the benefits?

The benefits that come from sponsorship vary from company to company. It is not uncommon to receive free hardware including: controllers, PC peripherals, screens, and other essential gaming items. Other popular rewards including game keys, free subscriptions to paid products, or even cash rewards. If you have a solid following in the online gaming community, you are going to be wanted by the top brands.

You don’t need to be a professional gamer in order to become a sponsored gamer, you simply need a skill for video games, a good personality, and growing online presence.

Gaming Sponsorship Guide Outline

razer logo I. Becoming Desirable to a Gaming Sponsor

Deemed as the easiest step is sometime the hardest to develop: what makes you desirable over the competition? Do you have tactical, marketable, or otherwise special skill that a sponsoring company would look for in a client? This guide covers expectations for the gamer and your client.

razer logo II. Step by Step Breakdown

One of the few sources available online to simplify the process of appealing to companies while creating your personal image and marketability. This guide lists the steps to becoming desirable to companies and earning a sponsorship.

razer logo III. Which Sponsor?

It’s not only important to become noticeable by a company of interest, you have to know which working conditions you’re comfortable with and perform best under. The topics covered in this guide are set out to raise awareness about parameters that may not be optimal and are to be wary of.

razer logo IV. Benefits of Gaming Sponsors

What’s in it for you? Learn the different benefits of getting sponsored to figure out what type of sponsorship you want. This is the guide for indulging into the fruits of your gaming labor. Check these out to see how a sponsored gamer benefits over his competition.

razer logo V. Being an Affiliate for a Gaming Product

Consistent reach, interaction, and networking is required for this route of income. This guide covers the steps to becoming an affiliate for different gaming products. If executed properly, this can result in a nice monthly income.

razer logo VI. List of Sponsorship Opportunities

The final guide available is a compilation of many different sponsorships currently available today. Remember it takes a large amount of dedication, persistence, charisma, and skill to become a gamer marketable by companies. But with enough passion, anyone can hone their strengths and make money with these techniques.

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