Social Media management for getting noticed online

Social Media management for getting noticed online

Succeeding in making a living playing video games requires integration of all resources at your disposal when it comes to the internet. The more websites  you have active profiles on, the greater your internet presence becomes. If you consider each profile you have to be someone’s first impression of you before seeing anything else, you’ll start to understand what a good online presence and image can do for a person. There are many different social media sites to choose from and this guide will outline the most popular with strategies to gaining more popularity online.


It’s only the biggest social media platform alive, earning itself a whopping 1 billion active users every month, it’s definitely the starting point for earning some popularity online. Facebook is a great platform because it presents users with great content regardless of the device being used. It is important to remember that most users today are accessing the site from their mobile device. That could either be a tablet or smartphone. Here are a few things to keep in mind when posting engaging gaming content on Facebook.

  • Tagging: This is often an overlooked feature on Facebook. But keeping your posts relevant to what’s popular through the use of tags is a great way to attach yourself to a target audience. Keep up with popular gaming news and try to match your posts to what’s trending.
  • Post Interactive Content: Funny gaming pictures, asking questions on opinions, cool videos, or well-designed quotes are all great ways to interact with your audience. Finding the right mixture of original content and shareable “fun” content is key to having a successful profile.
  • Stay Mobile-Minded: The most successful profiles are those that can spark an interaction between then and the target audience. And part of the key to that success is remembering how many people are staring at a small piece of glass. Mobile users have the shortest attention span of any user and have no problem clicking on a link just to exit 2 seconds afterwards. Engaging content is key, interaction is essentially, and having fun with others is the point!
  • Paying for Reach: Although it’s one of the worst parts about Facebook, you can pay to extend your page’s reach to further extensions of people who may be interesting in your content. This is also known as “Sponsored Content” and can be quite effective at reach new eyes to view your content. The plans can get steep, though, it is advised to experiment with a small sum of money before deciding it’s worth it to continue.

There are also some other features that have recently rolled out on Facebook, when used in conjunction with traditional methods, they can be a real benefit to your audience reached. These include: livestreams, posting video content, and proper use of the search/tagging feature. You content needs to be engaging to retain the attention and earn popularity among followers on the site. Keep these strategies in mind when posting on the largest social website



The second most popular social media site, boasting 300 million users strong and handling over 500 millions tweets daily (about 3,000 per second.) This micro-blogging site is a great place to share news, views, or updates to followers around the world. As with other social media websites, it’s easy to forget actual engagement with your audience. THis means going further than just posting updates about stream times or news links. Post more questions and get to know your audience and the types of tweets that get more engagement. It has been shown that twitter users with less links posted, increases the weight of each link posted.


Twitter was the first website to incorporate searchable tags which they refer to as “hashtags.” These tags are monitored by twitter to show what’s the most popular based on global region, there are even some tools which let you see more local results and location-based data. This information can be extremely handy in determining where your audience is located and what they are tweeting about. Twitter is all about knowing your audience and their habits. Tweet to appeal to their tastes, the times they are active, and to fill the gap of what your competitors are forgetting about.


Another great aspect of twitter is giving insight to your personal life or day-to-day activities. Although, this should be approached with some caution, spilling your entire personal life online before having an audience interesting in knowing about that information will dramatically decrease the chances for interaction with you. Keeping to interesting facts, news, collectibles, and of course when you go online for a stream, are the best tweets for the busiest hours of the day. Make use of the new threads system to interact with more people by retweeting popular gaming sites and asking for opinions.


More actions can be taken to earn a greater follower base: such as following new people, messaging new/potential followers about your content, and always thanking those who follow you back. These simple steps can make you more appealing and personable to each follower; remember that the point of Twitter is to build a relationship with your followers. If you do right by them, your reach and interaction are both sure to increase.


The most popular photo-sharing website (recently acquired by Facebook for $1 billion) is also a popular spot for gamers to shine. Pictures and video are a great way to reach your audience. This can be especially useful if you have any collectibles or other cool stuff to show off. There are a few tips that can be given to dominate this site and earn a slice of the 300 million active users monthly.

  • Remember to use popular tags for each picture, these include but are not limited to: #gaming #gamer #xboxone #ps4 #nintendo #(insert playing game) #(related game tags) #esports #zombies #videogames #gaminglife #twitch #girlgamer #pvp #raid #cosplay #geeks #gamingnight
  • Keep your URL in your bio and refer back to it in each post.
  • Reaching out to other gamers/streamers for wider reach & shout outs
  • Regular updates of streaming schedules, new youtube content, blog updates, etc.

These techniques combined with quality pictures are sure to gain the interaction required for proper presence on the site. When using a link in your bio, be sure the clickthrough has some instagram posts, along with your current streaming schedule or other information you want to be seen. Keeping the media relevant is key to keeping a person on your web page for a greater amount of time.

Snapchat, Tumblr, and other websites

Other sites are also great for earning more popularity and connectivity in the gaming circles. Snapchat is one of these sites, if you post regular gaming tips, trivia, or interesting facts. The 10 second video story option is perfect for sharing small updates about your streams or new content. Tumblr is another website that is popular among gamers. This site can be a bit more writing-centric and opinion based so there’s a little more freedom to what you can post. The tags and other types outlined above also work for features offered on the popular blogging site. There are also a few other websites to help boost popularity, such as Reddit or gaming forums, which can help with networking to other streamers and collaborate with them to increase overall reach.


Automation through bots

One of the easiest ways to manage your social media is to either: consolidate posting from one site that re-posts on all social media for you or using bots to automate individuals profiles and tasks. Your posts, messages, following, and liking can all be done without your direct input. Utilizing either method will enable you to create posts at the beginning of each week/day with posts to be staggered to your liking. Having a general posting schedule is good for starting out before you learn the habits of your audience on each site.


Stay Personable and Fun!

This is gonna be the fastest way to earn faithful followers, regardless of the website that you’re using. Staying fun, outgoing, and having a positive attitude whenever interacting with your audience is absolutely essential. SOcial media becomes your brand and most significant part of your online presence, after your gaming reputation. Remember these tips and keep building your popularity.

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