Step by Step Promoting Gaming Content on Social Media

Noob’s Guide to Promoting Gaming Content on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that should be used by anyone looking for free traffic to their content. There are communities of people within social media sites that talk about the same subjects – often called Groups – which are perfect opportunities to reach targeted audiences who may be interested in your content. It is often overlooked, but just the staggering amount of people who are using these sites everyday is reason enough to market to them. These are some of the largest audiences of people to tap into outside of mailing lists and other sources.


Breakdown by Website

Each website has it’s own specific strategies to be used when approaching a targeted audience. The reason being is due to differences in format, communication methods, or overall tendencies of the websites themselves. There is not a one-methods-fits-all here, but they are extremely similar.



Marketing on Facebook (when running a Page) can seem rather straightforward: get people to like your page, then they see your stuff when you post. However this is not the reality as many people have discovered. There are algorithms that are used to arrange each user’s news feed to content they interact with or may have a vested interest in. Facebook has provided methods to override these algorithms, such as Sponsored Posts or Ads for your page displayed on the site, but they are not always as effective as they should be.


Here are some strategies to use for Facebook to increase overall reach:

  1. Join groups of similar audiences – This is an easy way to reach people who have displayed an interest in the content you may have for them. These communities usually have their own guidelines for posts so be sure to follow those to prevent banning. Sharing links to content you’ve created is usually a great way to have a conversation about what to improve about your videos or streams.
  2. Like other similar pages – Teaming up with other pages is a great way to share the followers between both of you. This is done in a number of ways, but the most common is through tagging and comment tags. Facebook recognizes a large number of tags per post which may lead you to appear to more feeds. This is done through features on the site which shares Tags and Posts from any page. Use this to your advantage.
  3. Tag your posts with popular hashtags/pages – This is done similarly to the step outlined above and for the same reasons. Your posts could end up on the news feed of a fan following other tagged profiles. Increasing the total number of chances that your content is interacted with.



Marketing for Twitter is similar to Facebook and other social websites, since they were the first to incorporate Hashtags for searching. Twitter’s main focus is on short and precise tweets which display to a wide number of people throughout the day. There are several patterns to be watched for while on this site: the geographic information of users interested in your niche, the competition and when they are active/what they are posting, the popular searches for your targeted audience and the impressions/engagements rates of your tweets.


These are the strategies for maximizing potential on Twitter:

  1. Learn your audience – Twitter is a website with plenty of users in a variety of interests. There are huge communities for gaming, comedy, and other profiles on the site. Each of them have a large number of followers. These are the users to focus on. Find the audience that’s most interested in your gaming content and when they are most active. Learning this will require information presented in the next step.
  2. Geographic information of users – If possible, track down when the largest amount of users are sharing tweets about your related topic or niche. This is the time to remain most active on the website. Although you should not limit yourself to exclusively this time. Your profile should remain active through the day and night in order to reach the most people possible.
  3. Shout outs from other users – This is a method already covered within the eBook but will be mentioned again. Shout outs are an effective way to increase the number of eyes viewing your profile and tweets due to it’s potential to reach users who are not following you. This could create a snowball effect of retweets which lead you into new pools of people and new users to interact with.
  4. Post Links, but don’t make it the focus – Twitter was not intended as a marketing website and shouldn’t be handled like one. Interaction with other users is the most important part of this website. If the proper interaction is in place, the links that may be posted afterward become more valuable than a profile that only posts advertising. Links to your content is great when the people following already have an interest in what you tweet or seek interaction with you.



The most popular photo sharing (turned video) application for smartphones is our final platform of preference. Instagram allows for a wide array of content to be displayed and receive attention. Though there isn’t the same level of communication on this site compared to others, it is still a source of traffic that may want to check out your links or content. Posting visual captivating pictures, video, and proper tagging go a long way on this website.


These are the strategies for utilizing Instagram:

  1. Keep a link in your bio – This can be done in one of two ways, either with a constant link to your website or youtube channel, or a rotating link that updates with concurrent media being posted in the site. The second method is more interactive and allows for easy changes to new links and content. You profile is free ad space, so use it up.
  2. Use tags and use them often – Instagram tracks all tags that are posted within descriptions so using a variety of keywords after your caption could increase the amount of people who stumble onto it while going through certain tags. It is not uncommon to see 50 tags in one post, although that many is not typically advised. 10-15 tags should suffice with each post.
  3. Post clips of video to other platforms – This should be self-explanatory. Clips of your larger video content serves as a trailer to your work. With a proper link, it can definitely increase the traffic that heads to your videos or live streams.


Social media is often overlooked as a marketing tool but it usefulness clearly shows its power to attract traffic. When used properly, it can gain a lot of attention with not as much work as you’d expect. Stay interactive, sociable, and just have fun with it. This attitude will come across in your posts or conversations with other users, increasing the chances that they’ll go and reshare any of your content, repeating the process.

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