Top 5 Twitch Donation Reactions

Top 5 twitch donations

Donations on Twitch are usually the streamers main source of income. There have been a few rare occurrences where a viewer will send the streamer an unbelievable amount of money all at once and the reactions of the streamers are hilarious and sometimes scary. Below we put together a top 5 donation reactions list with videos for you to enjoy

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1.Ellohime gets a $10,000 donation

By far my favorite reaction is from Ellohime. This guy has an awesome beard and personality and has a priceless reaction to his $10k donation.


2. KittyPlaysGames is donated $6969.69

This girls reaction to receiving $6969.69 is by far the craziest reaction to a donation there is. She starts by going into a panic attack, followed by a blood curdling scream, into denial, into ecstasy and then rolling around on the floor for 5 mins. You can find her stream here

3. Imaqtpie gets a $3,000 donation

Imaqtpie face when he zooms in is hilarious. Great reaction to his donation.

4. PhantomL0rd gets $5,000 donation

One word to describe this video: madness. This guy is hit by a constant train of top donations and becomes so overwhelmed he is crippled in shock. He receives over $5,000 twice in the video and many large donations before that, probably totaling in over 20 grand for that day alone. The amount of support in this video is amazing and it goes to show that it is very possible to make streaming on twitch your full time career.

5. c9 Shroud gets trolled for $100,000 donation

Shroud is trolled and sent $100,000 from one of his viewers but it is later revoked. It still makes for a great video that got over 1 million views 🙂

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