Top 73 Useful Twitch Tools List

top twitch tools and programs list

Top 73 Useful Twitch Tools List

Broadcast Software

OBS top twitch toolsOpen Broadcast Software (OBS) – Free and open source video capture and broadcasting program. Great for most purposes or just starting out.

OBS-Overlay (OBS Plugin) – A tool to create customized overlays.

Snaz (OBS Plugin) – A tool used to display time counters or other related functions.

XSplit – A paid program that offers better support and reliability than OBS – at a price

FFsplit – Freeware that allows you to capture or record your desktop. Has regular updates but it isn’t as complete as OBS.

TeleStream – A high-end program offering all-in-one live streaming software that is more tailored towards professional tier broadcasting.

ReStream – Program offering to stream live on multiple sites simultaneously. Up to 20 streaming sites are supported.

Mishira – Completely free and open source, it should be noted that the development has been put on hold since August 2014 and is still in Alpha.

Dxtory – Video capture tool for DirectX and OpenGL Applications. Optimization of this program allows for low work loads at high speeds.

Gameshow – Live Streaming software very similar to Wirecast. 60-day free trial available, then requires a monthly paid subscription.


Strexm – First fully web based overlay service for Twitch. Customize your own overlay without downloading 3rd party software.

Twitch Overlay – Twitch Overlay (aka T-O) is a source for premium stream overlays & graphics.

Twitch Designs – Online shop for streamers and Twitch enthusiasts, with an amazing assortment of over 200 articles!

StreamPro – Frequently updated and fully featured Twitch overlay system.

Free Video Game Backgrounds – On this site you will find completely free video game backgrounds that you are free to use.

Live Space – Fully customized Twitch branding services.

My Twitch Overlay – Professional, customized graphics and twitch solutions.

Overlayr – Allows you to create interactive twitch overlays.

Graphic Area – Templates, freebies and unique designs specially the following graphics: Twitch overlay, Twitch panels, YouTube banner, YouTube thumbnail.

Twitch Temple – Awesome free and paid twitch overlays

strexm top twitch tools

Video Editing

WeVideo – Powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based collaborative video editor.

Video Toolbox – Free web-based program with many features that makes it easy for users to edit and upload their videos to other sites on the Web.

Kaltura – Major open source video platform which incorporates video editing. Very feature-rich.

Animoto – Plans include unlimited HD video creation and sharing. No credit card required for the 14-day free trial of the Professional package.


Audio Programs

Snip –  Used to display song information such as artist and track name on your stream when listening to Spotify. Is most useful when combined with the features SpottyBot offers.

Auto-Duck – This program will reduce the volume of the gameplay while speaking into the microphone, a process known as “auto ducking”. Get it?

Virtual Audio Cables – Allows for the transfer of audio streams between applications and devices. Great for listening to music that you don’t want to broadcast to your stream.

Breakaway Live – Great for managing audio and setting specific volumes and equalization to match specific room requirements.

Chat & Bots

Better Twitch TV (BTTV) – This free chrome extension enriches Twitch chat with a ton of new functionality such as custom emoticons, night mode, message highlighting and easier chat interaction.

Chatty – A Twitch chat client for everyone who wants to try something new and different from the webchat.

HexChat – A free IRC chat that is fully customizable, without leaving out key Twitch chat features.

DeepBot – Paid bot offering a lot of features, applications, and uses. Great tool for any streamer.

AbesBot – A bot that features the ability to enable screen animations and sounds based on chat commands.

Ankhbot – Highly updated and free program offering similar features to Deep Bot, though not as system-intensive.

NightBot – A free moderator bot that offers valued features, offers a few social features and customizable options.

MooBot – Moobot is a Twitch moderator bot that moderates your chat without the need for your constant interaction and attention. No payment, download, or install required.

LoyaltyBot – A slightly more complex web server based loyalty bot.

Xanbot – A chat bot integrated within Twitch’s own chat box. It is controlled using text commands within the chat.

GeoBot – Similar in function to Xanbot.

Spotty Bot – This bot uses a Spotify desktop app to play TOS compliment music, ensuring no muting during a stream.

Hex Chat – An IRC client that can be used to view Twitch chat.

TeeBoard – A desktop alternative to Twitch with a full list of services and features available.

Twitch Emotes – A complete list of emotes that you can use within Twitch chat.

Tardsplaya – An extremely useful tool for resolving difficulty in viewing non-partnered streams.

ModBot – A free bot for many features. Updated regularly, very user-friendly with many features.

twitch chat top tools

Chrome Extensions

TwitchNow – Use this extension to check if your favorite streamers have gone live.

Twitch Live – Similar features to TwitchNow and is a great alternative.

Twitch Giveaways – This extension adds a giveaway system to all popped out or embedded twitch chats, including your dashboard.


Giveaway Tools

Gleam – An audience focused suite of apps that can be integrated with websites, social media, and even Twitch itself.

Giveaway Hunter Bot – A tool to select a winner for a giveaway, comes with many other features and is free.


Follower Viewers

TNotifier – A powerful, feature-rich platform built to increase viewer interactivity and help build communities.

Sub-Alert – A small desktop application that alerts you to new followers, donations, or subscribers.

Social Blade –  Tracking tools that display Twitch user statistics to see how well you rank against your competition. –  Find and analyze other top streamers on Twitch for comparision.


Tipping Services

twitch alerts top toolsStreamTip – A free service that provides you with a personalized, simplified tipping page that allows you to display a short message to your supporters.

Twitch Alerts – Free tools to set customized popup alerts, stream labels, and donation goals. Must be used with OBS or XSplit.

Treat Stream– Free to use software allowing a number of features, including blacklisting and viewer-customized notifications.

Donation-Tracker – Similar to other platforms that track your live donations from PayPal.

Patreon – A crowdfunding platform for content creators. Fans subscribe for a monthly donation through recurring payments.


Server and Stream Analytics

Twitch Status – Tells you the status of the Twitch servers. Check this website to see if Twitch is having issues.

R1CH’s Twitch Analyzer – Go live, input your channel, and receive solid feedback on your quality and settings.  Easy to use, informative.

Twitch’s Support Twitter – Great resource for live updates and inquiries on anything Twitch related.

JTVPing – Use this tool to test the average ping of all available Twitch ingest servers to show which is most stable for high performance.

Stream Hatchet – Real-time statistics, graphs, and charts to improve viewership. Also includes weekly email reports.

Muxy – Notifications and alerts for new donations, subscriptions, as well as analytics to give insight on your previous stream sessions.

AnalyticsBot – A bot built to aid with stream information.

twitch analytics tools

Misc. Programs

Twitch Tools – This service offers a collection of tools, resources, and information about Twitch that you can use for all sorts of different tasks.

CPUID Hardware Monitor – A hardware monitoring program that reads PC systems main health sensors, useful to use during streams.

Twitch Markdown Basics – A guide on the formatting options available within Twitch’s text boxes.

Livestreamer & GUI – A graphical interface for the command-line Livestreamer; watch Twitch from your desktop instead of from Twitch web. The GUI is optional.

Twitch Updater – Interacts with Discord API to update your twitch details.

Strawpoll – Create real time polls to get an opinion from your viewers. Great for interaction with the audience.

NightDev – A great resource for new tools and programs relating to Twitch streams and users.

SubsOnly – Locks your website’s content to subscribers and admins only. Allowing you to publicly share links.

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