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Contrary to what pop culture and television advertising would have you believe, video game testing is not really about playing your favorite types of video games when before they come out – sorta. Although you do tend to play video games, it’s a particular method of playing that checks every single nook and cranny. These playthroughs are often repetitive and require major amount of attention to look for bugs or other mishaps that are game-breaking. If you’re the type of person who is keen to detail and is familiar with programming, this could be the position for you.

Our guides give you a breakdown of the best methods to becoming a video game tester. These have been proven to work by other gamers currently working for gaming companies. If you have the attention to detail for gaming bugs or finding glitches, this could be the perfect position for you.

How much money can I make?

Salaries are based on the position that you obtain within a company. But the average starts out at about 30k per year to start. Lead Tester positions typically earn even more than that.

This position is great for anyone who has a background in programming along with a keen eye for detail and noticing glitches/hacks within their favorite video games.

Video Game Tester Training

video game tester guide I. Getting Started

There are a few methods to becoming a video game tester: attending a college, applying directly for a job, or just noticing bugs in current released games. Each of these require their own methods for achievement, with varying degrees of difficulty. The route you decide to take will determine the work required. Game developers are always in need of talented video game testers that can work out the kinks and bugs before release.

video game tester guide II. Requirements of Becoming a Tester

As mentioned previously the requirement for video game testing is simply the ability to play games very thoroughly to ensure a quality experience. Put yourself in the shoes of those who may not be as skilled, will they get stuck on this level? Is the lighting clear for your path? What other issues could come up as a result of design or bugs has to be on top of your head while playing the game itself.

video game tester guide III. How much money can you make?

Salary is often determined by the amount of experience you have within the field. If video game testing is something that you’d like to focus on as a direct career, having a degree will definitely earn you a pay raise straight out of graduation. The average salary for a full-time video game tester is about $35k per year. If you pick this up as a side job, expect to earn about $10k – $15k per year.

video game tester guide IV. Tasks of a Video Game Tester

The typical tasks of a video game tester is to meticulously play each level to comb for bugs, glitches, or game-breaking crashes, determine the bugs of each issue, then report them to the programmers for revision. Computer literacy is just as important as skill level of gamer for this job. Don’t expect to just waltz into Blizzard tomorrow expecting to test their next big release. Relative experience and confidence in your skills will get you farther than anything else. Keep playing those levels with the attitude that you’ll break the game, then record your results.

video game tester guide V. Different Types of Video Game Testing Jobs

Video game testers usually have two tiers for testing. The first is the Beta testers; which is the most typical type of tester. This is a limited release to test the game’s running, limitations, and stress tests the servers to ensure any major problems are worked on before launch. The game is in a mostly complete state, ready to play with most feature intact. The tester is required to point out any flaws, glitches, or other occurrences that disrupt the gameplay.

video game tester guide VI. Acquiring a Tester Job

Talking about the job, performing the job, and obtaining a job are three different things. In order to get yourself noticed by the video game companies, regardless of educational background, you must have a repertoire of games “tested” with proper procedures. This will look better to companies if they aren’t required to train you as much. Having previous knowledge of the proper steps to testing a video game are vital for earning that first position. Don’t get discouraged if you’re turned down, keep testing new games and keep applying, you just might get it.

video game tester guide VII. Advancing your Career in the Gaming Industry

Once you’ve successfully obtained a position within a game company, you have an opportunity to continue your video game career. Consider your interest in production or design, these are typically to next positions within these companies. Mastering the process of game testing and becoming more familiar with how games are created will greatly increase your chances over someone who doesn’t study on their own.

video game tester guide VIII.Alternatives to a Video Game Tester Job

If testing seems a bit out of your reach, there are other ways to earn money playing video games without having a real employer. These include: making a video game website, live streaming on Twitch, creating content for YouTube, or even farming and selling accounts. All of these alternative require just as much energy to play the games with income generated from ads, donations, or views. When used in conjunction with one another, these strategies chances of success rise exponentially.

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Video game testing is a job often misrepresented as simply playing your favorite games all day. Although the process never deviates far from this, there are other responsibilities that a tester must be responsible for previous to the game’s release. Keep them in mind as you choose the direction you’d like video game opportunities to becoming a video game tester take you.

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