YouTube Gaming Career – How much money can you make?

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Making money with video games is becoming easier every day and will continue to for years to come. If you want to make money gaming, now is the time to jump on board. A few years ago making gaming videos for YouTube as a career was unheard of but suddenly there are hundreds of people popping up who are making a better living from their youtube career than they would have if they got a masters degree in college. It was reported that YouTube gaming star pewdiepie made 7.4 million dollars in 2014 from his YouTube channel alone. Many people were shocked by this number and left hateful comments and feedback on his videos, but the reality is he is earning every dollar of that through the YouTube ad program by having over 8 billion total views and being one of the most popular channels on YouTube.

Pewdiepie isn’t the only one making millions on YouTube though, there are many others making over 1 million a year doing gaming videos on YouTube and thousands of others on the rise and making enough to consider it a living. YouTube pays you for views and clicks through their ad program, so it’s just a matter of getting a large enough following and then you just have to make videos consistently.

Pewdiepie’s response

How much money can a new YouTube gamer expect to make?

make money youtube gaming videosA million a year from playing games sounds great, right? It’s possible, but it is going to take years of hard work and persistence and creating a very large amount of subscribers. For a new YouTuber gamer, this income may seem impossible to make and may be discouraging since it takes a lot of work to start making any money at all on YouTube. Once you are approved by YouTube’s ad program, you will begin to get paid for the views and ad clicks you get on your videos. At this point your income will depend on how much effort you put into promoting your videos and how often you make videos. If you want this to be a career, than you will have to treat it like one and be very persistent with making videos and promoting until you have a large enough subscriber base to not need to do as much promotion.

It is estimated that users make an average of $2,000 per million views they get for all their videos. This is only from the YouTube ad program though and there are other ways to make money from your gaming videos such as sponsors, merchandise, making a website where you can have more ads, affiliate sales and more. Your main focus should be increasing how many subscribers you have and how many total views you get per month. Setting a realistic monthly goal and constantly growing will make your long term goals more reachable. When it comes down to it, promoting your videos correctly is what is going to make all the difference. We offer a complete guide on promotion and getting a following in our member’s section.

With the help of our guides on making money from video games, you can make enough money on YouTube to consider a career with just 500,000 monthly views. This is a very realistic goal to reach and can easily be done by someone who is persistent and follows our promotion guides. Click here to learn more

Youtube User/Monthly Youtube Earnings

ThatOneTomahawk – $1,568

JazReviews – $1,908

H20Delirious – $9,964

WhiteBoy7thst – $16,521

Strauberryjam – $43,810

EvanTubeHD – $77,063

CaptainSparklez – $158,653

Kyrsp33dy – $98,153

TheSyndicateProject – $191,050

Stampylonghead – $278,427

Pewdiepie – $582,250

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